10 Best Astronomy Podcasts You Can Listen To

10 Best Astronomy Podcasts You Can Listen To

Bitten by the astronomy bug?

If you’re starting out with astronomy, you’ll want to know where to look in the dark sky to see celestial objects so listening to the right astronomy podcasts can help you. But they offer you much more than that.

Why should you listen to astronomy podcasts?

Not only are they entertaining, but astronomy podcasts can increase your knowledge of celestial objects and the latest space news to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the sky.

They’re so convenient, especially if you consider that back in the day you had to attend special courses or attend lectures to find out about space.

Listening to an astronomy podcast is a must for anyone who’s very interested in space and the universe, and there are tons of different ones to tickle your fancy. So, with that in mind, let’s check out the most valuable astronomy podcasts to listen to.  

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the astronomy podcasts, we got you covered:


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10 Best Astronomy Podcasts To Listen To Now


If you’re starting out in astrophotography and astronomy, you’ll enjoy this Jodcast podcast. It’s run by volunteers and astronomers from the University of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank and offers listeners advice on what they can see in the sky.

You’ll love learning about what celestial objects you’ll be able to spot and at what time of the year to make your stargazing sessions so much more successful. 

Sky At Night Magazine Radio Astronomy

If you’ve ever read Sky At Night magazine, you’ll know how much useful astronomy information it provides, so this podcast is definitely worth listening to.

Explore the edge of the universe, ponder the life and death of stars, and learn some of the best tips on star-gazing for beginners to help you get started with your astronomy hobby. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though! You’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of astronomy topics.

SuperMassive Podcast

This monthly podcast features astrophysicist Dr. Becky Smethurst and science journalist Izzie Clarke. They talk about the latest astronomy research to keep you up to date. It’s highly informative as the two hosts answer questions and provide useful astronomy advice for listeners.

Some previous episodes have had intriguing topics such as finding exoplanets and the search for alien life, so this podcast is sure to keep you interested. 

Astronomy Cast

This is a fantastic podcast to listen to when you’re lounging around and looking at the stars because it’s a journey through the universe. Every week, listeners can enjoy discussions on various topics of astronomy.

You’ll enjoy hearing about what’s been discovered about the universe and what more can be explored.

You’ll also receive valuable information if you’re just starting out as a backyard astronomer, such as when it comes to what type of gear you should purchase. 

Naked Astronomy, From The Naked Astronomers

This podcast’s title is sure to grab your attention! If you love the idea of being able to hear from professional astronomers, you’ll enjoy this podcast. It also features interesting news about the planets, stars, and other celestial objects.

Some interesting podcasts you’ll enjoy include discussions surrounding the exploration of life on Mars and America’s first space station, as well as some horizon-broadening discussions, like what a house on Mars would look like and if an asteroid would be able to end life on earth.

The Orbital Mechanics Podcast

It’s fascinating to learn more about space travel and if that interests you this podcast will keep you engrossed.

It’s a weekly podcast that explores spaceflight news, current and future space explorations, and more. You’ll enjoy hearing about how humans got to and stayed in space.

Some of the podcasts can be quite technical, though. If that’s right up your alley, you’ll love hearing the latest spaceflight engineering news and learning more about space from people who are the most informed to increase your knowledge of astronomy.

The Star Spot

This is an interesting podcast and radio show featuring interviews with lots of different guests, from engineers and astronauts to businesspeople and educators. It’s a useful podcast to give you a wide range of views and ideas when it comes to space exploration.

With interesting questions posed by the podcasts, such as “Did a supernova cause a mass extinction?” as well as topics ranging from wormholes to the mystery of fast radio bursts, this podcast will surely become your latest addiction.

Star Signs Live

No, this isn’t about horoscopes! Star Signs Live is a weekly astronomy podcast that lets you know what celestial objects you’ll be able to see in the sky where you are, with information that you can use no matter where in the world you’re located.

If you’re starting out with your astronomy hobby, you’ve surely heard that you should make use of resources to help you locate the celestial objects you are eager to track. This podcast is sure to become your stargazing companion with all its useful pointers.

Star Talk

For something a little different, try Star Talk, a podcast that combines comedy, pop culture, and science. Led by astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson, this podcast thinks about space in new ways and features interviews with top guests.

Learn about dark matter before listening to fan-submitted questions about the universe.

As you scroll through the list of podcast episodes that are already available, you might also be interested to listen to episodes about life on earth, such as climate change and science fiction. There’s clearly something for everyone on this podcast.

Houston We Have A Podcast

This podcast is all about NASA, so if you’d love to learn more about NASA this is the one to listen to every week. You’ll enjoy the variety of guests that come on the podcast and provide interesting stories about different projects NASA is working on.

If you’re a space junkie who loves chatting about astronauts or perhaps wishes you could be one, this podcast is a must. Podcast titles such as “Moon Deliveries,” “The NASA Worm,” and “Space Hygiene” will surely make you want to click on them.

What Podcasts Should You Listen To If You’re Interested In Astrophotography?

There are some podcasts that are mainly focused on astrophotography, so if you want to take pictures of celestial objects in the sky, you’ll love checking these out to help you in your new deep-sky photography hobby.

The Astrophotography Podcast

This is a must to listen to because it will provide you with practical and valuable information, such as what to know about your astrophotography camera and how to work through astrophotography challenges.

While it might seem like it’s meant for beginners, it’s actually for people of all skill levels.

The Skyentists

Led by astronomers, The Skyentists is a podcast that tackles a load of astronomy subjects, including the basics of how to get started with astrophotography and getting the right gear so that you can take amazing shots of the sky.

Science In Astrophotography

This podcast breaks down complicated topics related to astrophotography to help people who are interested in looking up at the night sky and capturing what they see.

Topics include the equipment you can’t go without if you’re interested in astrophotography. Examples of podcast titles include a guide on how to choose the right telescope and apps you should use for capturing photos of celestial objects.

Related Questions

How can you listen to astronomy podcasts?

You can usually access podcasts from websites or via apps for your iPhone or Android device. What’s so great about podcasts is that you can download them and then listen to them in your own time.

Are podcasts free?

All podcasts are free, but bear in mind you will be using data on your device to listen to them. To prevent data usage, download episodes for listening to at another time when you’re connected to a wireless network.


Listening to astronomy podcasts can help you increase your knowledge of celestial objects, but it can also be entertaining because you’ll hear interesting news and information about space travel and other topics.

In this article, we’ve provided you with 10 of the best astronomy podcasts – and we’ve also thrown in three excellent astrophotography podcasts so that you’ve got a fantastic starting point for astronomy. 

Whether you’re just interested in conversations about space or you wish to turn astronomy into a real hobby, these podcasts will give you everything you need.

Happy listening!

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