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the Best Telescope Store to Buy Telescope? The Ultimate Guide

The best place to buy a telescope is a specialized astronomy store, i.e., a telescope shop. These stores have all of the latest equipment for sale and will be able to help you find the perfect telescope for your needs.

Many people are looking to buy a telescope but don’t know where to start.

This article will give you all the information you need to find the best telescope dealer for your needs. Both for Telescopes or accessories.

High Point Scientific

High Point Scientific has an expansive selection of telescopes and telescope accessories, including models from several well-known brands. Apertura, Zhumell Dobsonians, and many others are all available. High Point does not compensate its tech and customer service gurus for selling items. Customers are treated with unbiased honesty by High Point. It has a bunch of knowledgeable staff who can help customers with recommendations.

High Point explicitly states when a product is out of stock and explains when it will be back in stock. You’ll get fast delivery and discounts on refurbished items, all for a price that’s around what you could get for used gear on sites like Cloudy Nights or AstroMart.

Agena Astro

Agena’s website is mainly aimed at purchasing telescope accessories and parts. However, they also provide a decent selection of telescopes (if not as extensive as High Point). If you’re into astrophotography, Agena sells hundreds, if not thousands, of adapters, covers, and other gadgets, as well as 3D-printed goods from firms like Astrodymium, Buckeyestargazer, and Machinza AstroProducts. AgenaAstro, unlike High Point, does not provide subjective judgments on compatibility with your specific telescope, optical performance, or product comparison.


Omegon is a company that sells telescopes, astronomy accessories, and other astronomical equipment in the EU and United Kingdom. Their products are meant for different levels of expertise: from beginners to experts in the field. The company offers high-quality products at competitive prices, making it one of the best telescope shops out there.


Astronomics is a tiny telescope reseller that strongly emphasizes customer service, especially with higher-end items. Astronomics provides excellent customer service, quick shipping, and a wide range of telescopes and accessories that are difficult to locate at other suppliers. They also support the Cloudy Nights astronomy forum, which is open to the public. Astronomics also maintains a showroom at its Oklahoma headquarters.

Woodland Hills Camera & Telescope

Woodland Hills Camera & Telescope is an excellent location for your astronomy and photographic requirements. Their products are primarily linked to astrophotography, and they carry a broad range of high-quality foreign brands such as PrimaLuceLab, Orion Optics UK, Borg, Officina Stellare, Astronomik, and Takahashi.

Explore Scientific USA

Explore Scientific distributes its own goods as well as Bresser products. Their customer service and delivery are outstanding, and there’s no excuse not to order directly from them if you want to buy an ES product. They also have a physical showroom in Arkansas.

Orion Telescopes 

If you want to buy an Orion product, like Explore Scientific, you should probably acquire it straight from Orion. Orion sells certain telescopes and binoculars that aren’t their own, but we’d recommend getting them elsewhere for a better price. Orion will also refuse to assist you with a telescope purchased elsewhere, even if it is their own and they do not supply spare parts. Furthermore, their new product customer service is excellent, as is their shipment timing and general service.

Camera Concepts & Telescope Solutions

CCTS’ website is …. well, not so good. However, despite appearances, their customer service and delivery are excellent. They also have a showroom at their Long Island telescope store and provide a range of repair and consignment services and secondhand telescopes.

Skies Unlimited

Skies Unlimited’s great, and they have good telescope service. But they don’t have an extensive selection of newcomers-friendly telescopes.

Company Seven

Company Seven is a great telescope store for those interested in quality and high-end items. They have a fantastic showroom at their Maryland store that you shouldn’t miss. This telescope shop provides a range of products and services that can’t be found at any other vendor, including inspections and consigned used telescopes. Their website isn’t as updated as it needs to be, a major flaw that makes the user experience far less pleasant than it should be.

Land, Sea, & Sky

Land, Sea & Sky is Takahashi’s telescopes’ primary dealer and customer support in the United States, as well as a wide range of other high-quality telescopes and accessories. If you’re unsure where to search or what you’re looking for, Land, Sea & Sky offers what you’re looking for.

Skygaze Optics

Skygaze Optics has an excellent selection of telescopes and accessories and fantastic customer service. The catch is that many of their things are drop-shipped and may take a while to arrive.


Apart from High Point retailer has the best inventory of Zhumell and Apertura items. Their customer service, however, is not so good.


One thing that is difficult to do without Amazon is to buy items imported under generic labels from China. This includes “gold-line” eyepieces and SVBONY, GOSKY, and Sarblue brands. It doesn’t have the same accuracy as other dealers, but there’s no downside to shopping from Amazon for little things.


In conclusion, when looking for a new telescope, You should always research and make sure that you buy the best one for your needs.