5 Must Watch Astronomy YouTube Channels About Tips And Tricks

5 Must Watch Astronomy YouTube Channels About Tips And Tricks 2

There are many astronomy Youtube channels that you can watch to get tips and tricks for stargazing, telescope use, astrophotography, and more. In this post, we will share 5 of our favorite stargazing channels. These five channels have a variety of content that is perfect for beginners as well as advanced stargazers. You’ll learn about how to choose the best telescope, the best camera for astrophotography, and much more!


1) AstroBackyard YouTube Channel

AstroBackyard has 250 k subscribers, and his channel is all about stargazing and stargazers. AstroBackyard Youtube channel is an amazing stargazer that has tons of knowledge in:

  • Astrophotography Tutorials
  • Image Processing Tips and Tricks
  • The Camera settings I use
  • Samples of what to expect with similar gear
  • The Astrophotography Equipment you need

This stargazing channel is perfect for beginners to astronomy and stargazers looking for advice on what gear they need or take better photos.

AstroBackyard has some fantastic tutorials that teach you about astrophotography, tips, and tricks of the trade, as well as examples with similar equipment. This stargazing YouTube channel has many tutorials about light pollution and how to get the best stargazing experience in an urban area.

AstroBackyard is my number one stargazer on YouTube!

I love that this stargazing channel has an in-depth tutorial about astrophotography tips, tricks of the trade, and examples for similar equipment that are so helpful when deciding what gear you need.


2) Astrobiscuit YouTube Channel

Astrobiscuit Youtube channel first started in 2017 and currently has 97k subscribers. It was created to showcase stargazing and astrophotography with a focus on high quality. The videos include tutorials, reviews of equipment, techniques for stargazers as well astrophotographers.

This stargazing YouTube is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to take better photos or more advanced photographers looking for new tips and tricks.

In this stargazing channel, you’ll learn about the best time of day to capture certain types of night sky objects. Which camera gear will work best depending on your needs (e.g., DSLR vs. Point-and-Shoot), what settings in the camera should be used when taking astrophotos.

This is how he describes his own Youtube channel:

“It’s space but not as you know it.

Here you will find inexpensive ways of shooting amazingly cool pics of space. Its astrophotography on a budget with a side helping of top gear style missions.”

This stargazing YouTube channel is excellent for beginners who want to learn how to take better photos or more advanced photographers looking for new tips and tricks.”

Astrobiscuit’s videos include tutorials on the best time of day (night) to capture certain types of night sky objects. 


3) Nebula Photos YouTube Channel

Nebula photos is a stargazer with over 65k subscribers, and his YouTube channel is incredible. Its focus is on beginners, but it also thinks about topics for advanced users.

It has in-depth tutorials about how the entire process of editing raw photos looks like. Nebula Photos also has stargazing tips, telescope reviews, and astrophotography tutorials.

Again, their videos are all created by passionate astronomers amateur, so you know you’re getting quality information from these channels without any lies or biased opinions – which can sometimes happen on Youtube.

He starts off in the video by talking about what type of camera gear you need for stargazing, like telescopes or binoculars, and then teaches how to take better pictures at night. This channel is perfect if you’re looking for an educational yet entertaining youtube channel that will teach YOU everything from basics to advanced techniques!

This stargazing Youtube channel content includes:

  • Editing photos on Photoshop
  • How to take stargazing photos in the best way possible
  • Tutorials and reviews for telescopes, binoculars, and other stargazers gear.

Nebula Photos has an educational yet entertaining YouTube channel that will teach you everything from basics to advanced techniques! This stargazer’s content includes tutorials on editing your photos with photoshop, taking stargazing pictures, and so much more!

Nebula Photos

4) Eyes on the Sky YouTube Channel

Eyes on the Sky is the oldest Youtube channel on this list. It has over 80k subscribers and was created in 2009. Eyes on the Sky is a stargazer that covers topics such as stargazing, astrophotography, astronomy news information all around!

What’s so great about this channel are the videos where they go into detail with telescope reviews and stargazers tips for beginners, which are perfect if you’re just getting started learning how to stargaze or take better pictures of objects like meteor showers. 

This stargazer channel also includes tutorials for high-end cameras (DSLR) and low-key cameras (iPhones). It offers a variety of content, from beginner stargazing techniques to more advanced astrophotography tricks.

Videos include equipment used to observe the cosmos, light pollution, and stargazing photography.

Eyes On The Sky video content:

  • tips for stargazers and astrophotographers on what gear to use
  • how to take better pictures of the sky at night/meteor showers
  • stargazer reviews of telescopes, binoculars, other stargazing equipment
  • tutorials on how to edit your photos in photoshop with different techniques such as high-end cameras or low-key camera tips. 

This is also great if you’re looking for a beginner’s guide because it will teach topics from basics all the way up to advanced techniques!

Eyes on the Sky channel offers various helpful videos that include everything from beginner stargazing techniques all the way up to more advanced astrophotography.

Eyes on the Sky

5)Very Interesting Channel YouTube Channel

Although Very Interesting Channel only has 13,000 subscribers, I really like this channel because of its variety. This channel is more than just a stargazing youtube channel. Also, talk about space exploration and the solar system!

There’s no other reason not to subscribe if you haven’t yet because this YouTube Channel will teach beginners techniques for taking better pictures at night and includes advice for viewing Planets in a telescope!

Very Interesting Channel includes:

  • Stargazing tips for beginners
  • Telescope Reviews from beginner models all up to high-end telescopes – no matter what your budget is, they’ve got advice for you!
Very Interesting Channel


There are many more YouTube channels that cover telescope reviews and other stargazing-related content, but these five definitely stand out among the rest because of their various videos. There’s something here for everyone from tutorials on taking better pictures at night (for astrophotography) or gear like binoculars or telescopes.

Do You have a favorite Youtuber that talks about astronomy tips? Share it in the comments!

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