List of the Ancient Egyptian Constellation Names

List Of The Ancient Egyptian Constellation Names

One of the first civilizations to employ constellations was the Egyptians. Each constellation was given a name and a narrative. However, ancient Egyptian astronomy is more than simply a few constellations or a planet’s name.

It is one of the most important contributions of ancient Egypt to world civilization and was an integral part of their culture.

The earliest known star catalog in the world was compiled by ancient Egyptians during Senusret I and II’s reign around 1880 BC.

Egyptian Constellation Names

Egyptian Name

English Translation




Sirius and accompanying stars



Orion – head at the belt ; Lepus



Hyades with Aldebaran


Myriad or Flock



Circle or Sheepfold

Head of Cetus

sb3 n sꜤr

Star of Fire



The Bird

Triangulum ; Perseus


The Two Jaws



The Giant

Aquila to Pegasus (in the square)

ṯms n hntt

The Red One of the Prow



Sheep or Goat



The Boat


sb3w Ꜥš3w

Many Stars

Coma Berenices


The Female Hippopotamus

The Female Hippopotamus

3st d3mt


Serpens Caput

ṯ3 nfr

Beautiful Child



Mooring Post

Bootes + Arcturus


The Bull’s Foreleg

The Plough


Anu (avatar of the god Horus)

From Lynx to Canes Venatici


Its Own Count or Bright Star

Beta Centauri (Hadar)


Sage’s Star

Alpha Centauri (Rigil Kent or Toliman)

wš3ty bk3ty

Twins and Two Ladies

Southern Cross


The Ferryboat

Area around Argo Navis

ḥtp rdwy

Lying on His Feet



The Divine Lion


ḥḳw n sꜤḳ

The Plunderer

Leo Minor

sb3w nw mw

Stars of Water

Praesepe (M44)

tpy-Ꜥ sb3wy

Predecessor of the Two Stars

Alhena in Gemini


Pair of Stars

Castor ; Pollux


The Two Tortoises

Gomeisa ; Procyon


Cow (?)

Puppis ; Canis Major


Nut, goddess

Milky Way

Egyptian Constellations and Their Meanings

The ancient Egyptians believed that the stars were gods. They named them to honor their deities and to help them navigate the night sky.

We can still see some of these names in modern astronomy, but many of them have been lost. The Egyptians didn’t write down the names of constellations, so we don’t know exactly what they looked like.

We can see that the constellations have changed over time. For example, some names have been translated from Ancient Egyptian to English, and others have been renamed to make them easier for people to remember.

List Of All Egyptian Goods

Egyptian Goods

  • Aker: God of the Earth and horizon, protection
  • Anhur: God of war and hunting
  • Anubis: God of the dead, conductor of souls, has the head of a jackal
  • Bennu: God of the sun, rebirth, and creation
  • Geb: God of the Earth, physically support the world
  • Horus: God of the sky, sun, protection, kingship, and healing
  • Khepri: God of the morning/rising sun, has a scarab beetle as a face
  • Montu: God of war and the sun
  • Nefertum: God of the lotus flower and youth
  • Name: Falcon god, Ferryman for the gods
  • Osiris: God of death, resurrection, rebirth, ruler of the Underworld
  • Ptah: God of craftsmen and creation
  • Ra: Ruler of all Gods, god of the sun, god of creation and afterlife
  • Set: God of deserts, storms, violence, disorder, and foreigners
  • Shu: God of the air, wind, and supporter of the sky
  • Thoth: God of the moon, writing, and scribes, master of the physical and moral law
  • Wadj-We’s: God of the sea and fertility

Egyptian Goddesses

  • Bastet: Goddess of protection, takes the form of a cat or lioness
  • Bat: Cow goddess of the sky
  • Hathor: Goddess of the sky, sun, sexuality, motherhood, music and dance, the afterlife
  • Imentet: Goddess of the afterlife, friend of the dead
  • Isis: Goddess of motherhood, protection, and magic
  • Kauket: Goddess of chaos and darkness
  • Maat: Goddess of truth, justice, and order
  • Men hit: Goddess of war, foreign war, took the form of a lioness
  • Neith: Goddess of creation and hunting, patron of the city Sais
  • Nekhbet: Vulture goddess, goddess of protection
  • Nephi: Goddess of grain, counterpart to Neper
  • Nut: Sky goddess arched over the heavens
  • Paket: Lioness goddess, goddess of war
  • Sekhmet: Goddess of destruction and violence, warder of disease, protector of pharaohs, consort of Ptah
  • Wadjet: Cobra goddess, protective of the earth and pharaohs
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