The Best Egyptian Astronomy Book

The Best Egyptian Astronomy Book – Which One is Right for You?

Did you know that Egyptian astronomy deserves some serious credit for its contributions to modern science and technology?

Egyptian astronomy is credited to the ancient Egyptians who invented the 365-day solar calendar’ heliacal rising’ that is still in use today. They also discovered that the planet Earth was round, knew it rotated on an axis, and calculated its circumference with remarkable accuracy.

In this article, you can find my top recommendation for reading about Egyptian astronomy.

The Dawn of Astronomy

The Best Egyptian Astronomy Book - Which One is Right for You? 1

This book by a professional astronomer in 1894 makes a compelling & somewhat controversial argument for the astronomical basis of Ancient Egyptian temples. She supports a much older date than mainstream Egyptology accepts.

Lockyer, who understands astronomy, can show that the Egyptologists may be incorrect in their assumptions about when the original foundations were made. His calculations show that alignments occurred as early as 6570 BC.

Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

The Best Egyptian Astronomy Book - Which One is Right for You? 2

West s approach to ancient Egypt is revisionist and is made with a sense of humor. He not only focuses on what Egyptians understood but also their symbolism, esoteric insights, and understanding of alchemy.

The story is written in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand. The book will teach you a lot, so don’t feel intimidated when reading it. I read the whole thing and plan to reread it…

The Great Pyramid: (Operations Manual)

The Best Egyptian Astronomy Book - Which One is Right for You? 3

The illustrations in the book are one of its best features. Instead of using other people’s images, the majority use pictures taken by the authors themselves. These range from color photographs to engineering drawings and 3D re-creations.

Despite the title suggesting that it’s a ‘technical’ read, this “manual” is really interesting. Aside from explanations of the engineering behind the construction, you will also find an in-depth summary of people’s long history to discover and explore The Great Pyramid.

David Lightbody’s book is a much-needed answer to everything you want to know about the great pyramid. It debunks any pseudo-science theories on the subject. It also shows people their theories are wrong.

Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future

The Best Egyptian Astronomy Book - Which One is Right for You? 4

This book is an extraordinary learning experience that I think everyone should have in their lifetime. Dr. Schoch portrays a very different way of looking at the world, and the information in this book is invaluable.

Dr. Schoch has been on many TV shows about human history, and when I read his book, it felt like I already knew him. He is a recognizable guy.

He’s the geologist/geophysicist who studied the Sphinx enclosure & found out it was condensation- rather than wind, that smoothed its sides.

This book is perhaps the most fascinating piece of non-fiction that I have read to date.

The Science of the Dogon

The Best Egyptian Astronomy Book - Which One is Right for You? 5

The Dogon tribe is a group of people in Mali well-known for their culture and elaborate cosmology. Marc Nguïâkâtrama’s book sheds some light on how the Dogons acquired these myths, who may have influenced them, and the origins of their knowledge.

This book is an exceptional read that offers an in-depth examination of some of the most intriguing ancient civilizations worldwide.

The author’s extensive research has left me with many questions, such as why this information was initially suppressed and how we have progressed so much culturally if there were groups who had a much greater understanding of knowledge and technology.


These are my favorite books about Egypt and astronomy. Maybe they’re not “the best”, but they’re definitely worth looking at.